Why Crowns Are Trusted To Protect Teeth

By effectively protecting your teeth at home with good hygiene habits and diet choices, you lower your risk for problems that make restorative dentistry necessary. Your preventive visits also help with keeping your smile safe, and they lead to timely support if there are early signs of trouble. At our Greenwood, IN dentist’s office, we are proud to be an important line of defense against cavities and other threats. With that said, you should know that we can also help if you require treatment for any active problems. One way to do this is through crown placement. A dental crown fully surrounds your tooth above the gumline to keep it safe from further harm while also preserving your bite function and appearance.

How A Crown Takes Care Of Your Vulnerable Tooth

A crown provides protection by surrounding your tooth above your gumline. This is in contrast with a more conservative dental filling, which only covers the damaged portion of your enamel. By providing full coverage, a crown takes on more significant cavities and physical injuries. We take care to closely measure your tooth and perform the right amount of preparatory work to ensure that your restoration fits securely without becoming a problem for its neighbors. We also assess what type of material should be used to address cosmetic concerns and provide the right degree of bite support.

We Provide Different Options For Crowns

There are several materials that are used to create dental crowns. For back teeth that need the most protection, we can use a gold or  porcelain-fused-to-metal restoration to offer greater strength and stability. For a crown that is covering one of your front teeth, we can use porcelain to provide support as well as the right appearance.

Using A Crown To Restore Your Tooth After A Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment addresses problems within the tooth structure. This makes it effective at addressing endodontic concerns, which arise when advanced dental decay or more serious injuries impact the inner chamber of your tooth, an area known as the pulp. This work is important for saving a vulnerable tooth and putting a stop to a painful problem, but it leaves you in need of advanced support. We can provide this by capping your tooth with a crown. We will discuss the process for placing this kind of restoration as we make plans to restore your oral health through root canal therapy.

Your Greenwood, IN Dentist Is Ready To Restore Your Unhealthy Tooth With A Crown!

Through the placement of a custom dental crown, we can provide the support that your tooth needs while tending to both your bite strength and cosmetic needs. If you would like to find out more, call our Greenwood, IN dentist at (317) 535-7141.

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