General and Family Dentistry

Greenwood General and Family Dentistry

Dr. Johnson thinks of you as part of the family, and that’s why we strive to make sure your whole family stays healthy. We have a professional dental team dedicated to making sure you and your family have the best dental care available.

Dr. Stacy D. Johnson opened this practice in 1990, and since that time, our dental professionals have been providing the Greenwood, Indiana area with top-quality dental care. We know we can help you keep your smile bright, and as part of our family, that’s our goal!


What is General and Family Dentistry?

When we talk about general family dentistry, that really means several kinds of treatments that are designed to help you stay healthy over the course of your life. Your oral health is a big part of your overall health, and that’s why Dr. Johnson can offer you a variety of treatments.

Whether your child needs their first dental checkup or your grandmother needs a complex restorative procedure, we can help. We love getting to know our patients and helping keep their smiles bright. Our dental health team is experienced and happy to provide your entire family with quality dental care.

Toward that end, we offer a number of services. Here are just a few of the procedures Dr. Johnson can provide:

What’s more, our caring team wants your dental procedure to be as comfortable as possible, so we’re happy to offer oral sedation if you’re anxious about your dental procedure.

How Often Should You Visit Your Greenwood Family Dentist?

Of course, we like to see you anytime, but we recommend that you visit us at least once every six months. Research shows that routine dental care is associated with better long-term oral health. In fact, patients who visited their dentists regularly had fewer missing teeth and better oral self-care at home.

That’s our goal – to ensure you and your family have a good, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Johnson will thoroughly clean your teeth and work hard to catch any problems early to provide you with the least invasive solutions.

Of course, if you have any kind of dental pain or discomfort, you can always contact us to come in sooner. We want to make sure you receive the best dental care available. That’s why Dr. Johnson and their professional team stay up-to-date on all the latest dental healthcare procedures. We can handle any problems you might be having in the most comfortable way possible, and we’re dedicated to restoring that beautiful smile to good health.

Dr. Stacy D. Johnson and the entire team are happy to help with all your oral healthcare needs. Just contact our office today for an appointment. We’re happy to meet you!