Greenwood Orthodontics

When we’re talking about orthodontics, we’re really talking about how your teeth are aligned. Malocclusions – a fancy word for misalignment – can result in other, more serious problems like sleep apnea. You might be concerned about the look of your smile, and while we recognize the importance of that, the alignment of your teeth is also important for your overall health.

That’s why Dr. Stacy D. Johnson and his professional dental team are happy to offer Greenwood orthodontics services, including early orthodontics, braces, and Vivera®. It’s all part of the comprehensive dental care offered by our highly-qualified dental team.


What Kinds of Services Are Available?

Orthodontics simply refers to the branch of dentistry that can correct irregularities of your teeth and jaw. It focuses mainly on how your teeth fit together. There are a number of problems that can occur, including teeth that are overly crowded, or conversely, have large gaps or spaces between them.

Another part of the Greenwood orthodontics services is dealing with those problems associated with the alignment of your teeth. You might have an overbite, an underbite, what is known as an open bite, or a crossbite. Now, you might be familiar with braces since so many people have had these as children, but things have changed.

The field of orthodontics has seen many improvements over the years. The treatments are faster, more comfortable, and more effective than they have ever been. For example, Vivera trays offer a faster treatment period for certain types of malocclusions, and of course, as their name suggests, they are nearly invisible.

The professionals at our office are proud to be your Greenwood orthodontics treatment center for any kind of malocclusion. We’ll assess your case and go over the best options to help you improve your smile!

Why Should You Get Orthodontic Treatments?

A crooked smile can be endearing, so, you might not think it’s important to correct misalignments in your teeth. But there are several reasons why you might reconsider. Teeth that are not correctly aligned are at a greater risk for dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Additionally, misalignments can cause problems with speaking properly and difficulty chewing. Malocclusion can also result in problems with your temporomandibular joint causing you to develop TMJ. Since your oral health is so important for your overall health, it’s wise to correct these problems to avoid bigger health issues down the road.

At Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry, our professional team will talk to you about any dental problems you may have. They consider you as part of the family and have your best interest at heart. Contact our office in Greenwood, Indiana, today for all your dental needs!