Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Greenwood, IN

Research indicates your smile conveys a lot of messages to the people around you. It serves a social purpose, makes you more attractive, and even indicates how kind and generous you are to the people you love. it’s no wonder that you might want to correct any imperfections in this very important method of communication.

Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry wants to help make sure your smile is everything you want it to be. Our professional dental team can help restore your smile and improve your self-confidence.


What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Mean?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any procedure that enhances the beauty of your smile. Having a beautiful smile really boosts your self-esteem and gives you much more confidence as you go about your daily life. There are a number of treatments that can accomplish this goal.

Among the different cosmetic dentistry treatments, we offer dental veneers and teeth whitening. Dental veneers are thin, porcelain covers that adhere to the front of your tooth. They can be used to modify the shape, correct the appearance of slightly misaligned teeth, and even cover small areas where your tooth is chipped.

While there are many at-home teeth whitening products, to really get the best results, you should have this done by a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Johnson can do a better job than those over-the-counter products, and it’s safer too. This is particularly true if you are a patient with sensitive teeth.

Our professionals take pride in helping you make your smile as bright as it ever was so you’ll feel comfortable smiling and showing off those pearly whites every time you want to show your joy.

Why Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

Aside from helping boost your confidence in your beautiful smile, our cosmetic dentists recommend this as a solution for many minor problems with your teeth. These include problems with discolored teeth, teeth that are too long, too short, or too pointed, worn teeth, and slightly misshapen teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can also correct for gaps in your teeth, cracked or broken teeth, and even missing teeth. The professional team at Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry can help you find a solution to any flaws you would like to correct about your smile.

Contact our friendly staff today at our Greenwood, IN office, and we’ll be happy to develop an individualized treatment plan to help you get the smile of your dreams!