Clear Aligners

Vivera® in Greenwood, IN

Many people want to straighten their teeth or fix other alignment problems like overbites or underbites, but they are wary because of the look and feel of traditional braces. That’s perfectly understandable, and the office of Stacy D. Johnson is proud to offer Vivera® aligners as an alternative to traditional braces.

Our orthodontic professionals understand why you might be concerned about traditional braces, and we’re eager to help. The alignment of your teeth is important for your overall oral health and your health in general. That’s why we want to help you straighten that smile.

How Does Vivera® Work?

The Vivera® system offers a more discreet treatment option for straightening your smile. The way it works is that Dr. Johnson will examine your case to determine if the Vivera® trays can help correct your misalignment. If they determine the system is right for you, they will take impressions of your dental arcade.

Once the impressions are made, a series of custom-made, computer-generated trays are created. Each tray makes small changes to the alignment of your teeth. You switch your tray approximately once every two weeks. This gently and gradually moves your teeth into proper alignment. Even though the system works gently, it does work more rapidly than traditional braces in many cases.

During the treatment period, you will visit Dr. Johnson regularly to ensure the changes are progressing as planned. Once your teeth are ideally positioned, you’ll be given an Vivera® retainer to keep them in place.

What’s Better About Vivera®?

Aside from being nearly invisible, the Vivera® trays are removable which allows you to take better care of your teeth during the treatment process. You can remove them to eat, brush, and floss. Furthermore, they tend to be more comfortable since they are custom-made for your mouth and your teeth.

The trays are also made from a thin, clear plastic material that is more comfortable than the brackets and wires used with traditional braces.

Can Anyone Get Vivera®?

There are some malocclusions that the Vivera® system is not good for treating. These include cases of rotated or overlapping teeth. Still, they are appropriate for many misalignment cases, including crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and teeth that have gaps or spaces. They can also treat overbites, underbites, open bites, and crossbites.

There’s really no reason to put off treating your malocclusions with the Vivera® system. If you’re looking for clear aligners in Greenwood,  contact us today and we’ll get you in for a consultation to see if Vivera® is right for you!

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