Oral Surgery

At Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry, our goal is to make sure you never need oral surgery, but despite our (and your) best efforts, sometimes you need this kind of treatment to stay healthy. If that is what you need, we’re happy to be your Greenwood oral surgeon.

Our professional dentists are qualified to perform oral surgery to ensure you have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. We are happy to evaluate your case and help you determine the best possible treatment choice for you. We’ll thoroughly explain all of your options so you will know you’re making the right choice.

What Kind of Oral Surgery Does Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry Provide?

There are several reasons why you might need a Greenwood oral surgeon. Some of the more common problems that might require oral surgery include tooth extractions such as wisdom teeth removal, jaw surgery to treat something like TMJ or improve the fit of your dentures, and bone grafts that can improve your bone density so dental implants will be successful.

Additionally, sometimes children with certain speech, eating, or orthodontic problems might need a frenectomy. This procedure removes some of the connective tissue at the top or bottom of the mouth to correct orthodontic problems.

Dr. Stacy Johnson performing a bone graft

The professionals at Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry provide many of these procedures in-house, but because we’re so committed to providing our patients with quality care, we’re happy to work with other dental professionals to ensure a successful outcome. Before recommending any kind of dental procedure, our dentists will do a full and careful evaluation to determine if oral surgery is right for you.

Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry Is a Trusted Source for a Greenwood Oral Surgeon

Whether your oral surgery is as common as having your wisdom teeth extracted or a more complex restorative procedure, the professional dentists at Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry will carefully evaluate your case and make the best treatment recommendation.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your oral health is the best it can be. Our dentists offer high-quality, pain-free treatment for any condition you might have. We will talk you through every step of the process and make sure you get the best outcome possible.

You are part of our family, and we want to give you a reason to smile every day. Contact your Greenwood oral surgeon today for a consultation to determine what you need to restore your beautiful smile!