Why Choosing a Dentist with the Right Dental Technology Matters

As research in the dental field continues, so does the progression of dental technology. Advanced dental technology helps dentists diagnose and treat oral health issues with more speed and proficiency than ever.

Here is why choosing a dentist with the right dental technology matters.

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Up-to-date dental tools such as cone beam imaging technology allow dentists to view your smile accurately and determine treatment options. Cone beam technology constructs a 3D image of your entire head and neck area. This comprehensive imaging process enables dentists to diagnose and treat complex issues precisely. This powerful 3D imaging technology helps in planning treatments for tooth abnormalities, dental trauma, orthodontics, and evaluating where to place a dental implant.

When you need dental services for an urgent problem, you will be able to receive the care you need in a short amount of time.

Enjoy Efficient Treatments

Technologically advanced dental treatments provide safer, more efficient ways to complete processes for both standard and cosmetic dental treatments. Laser dentistry is a non-invasive process that helps to increase the speed and efficiency of dental treatments for curing fillings, healing canker sores, whitening teeth, and removing decaying or infected teeth and gum tissue.

Unlike many other types of dental treatments, laser dentistry does not require sanitization or direct physical manipulation of tissue. Instead, a laser can alter or remove tissue with heat and reduces your chance of bleeding during the treatment process.

Receive Safer X-Rays With Advanced Dental Technology

In the past, the traditional X-rays in dentist offices emit a high level of radiation. With the advent of digital radiography, these innovative X-rays enable dentists to capture images of your teeth safely and accurately. Digital radiography offers benefits, including far less radiation exposure and clear imagery that your dentist can view in real-time to diagnose any oral health issues you may have. Digital X-rays can detect subtle issues that are not apparent at first glance, such as hidden areas of tooth decay, tooth fractures, tumors, and the beginnings of infections or cysts.


The latest dental technologies make the diagnosis and treatment of various dental issues more accurate and effective than ever. If you visit a dentist’s office that implements the latest dental technology in its everyday practice, you can enjoy quicker, more comfortable dental health services.

Dr. Stacy D. Johnson offers the most up-to-date dental services to patients of all ages. Click here to learn more about how we optimize your dental care with advanced technology.

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