When Poor Dental Health Calls For A Root Canal

Dental problems are often caught and treated before patients have any discomfort. This is an important aspect of regular dental checkups and cleanings, as they solve problems before they become painful or demand more complex treatment. With that said, our Greenwood, IN dental office is here to help you when a problem has been left untreated, or when an injury is severe enough to cause persistent pain. Trouble that affects a tooth’s inner structure can call for a root canal procedure. We can provide this service, which will remove bacteria and infected tissues from within the tooth structure in order to stop further discomfort and prevent larger risks to your oral health.

Severe Cavities And Injuries Can Affect A Tooth’s Inner Structure

Injuries and cavities that are not caught in time can affect the inner structure of the tooth. While the outer layers of dental enamel protect us from this kind of problem, it is possible for bacteria to make their way into your pulp, the space where living tissues that support your tooth are contained. When this happens, heightened sensitivity, pain, and swelling of the tissues around the tooth can all occur. To reach your pulp and resolve this trouble, we can perform root canal therapy.

Recognizing The Need For Root Canal Therapy

During your appointment, Dr. Johnson will closely examine a tooth that is giving you problems to assess what kind of care you need. If there is evidence that an infection has developed, we can provide a root canal to reach and treat the pulp. This process includes both the safe removal of infected tissues, treatment to disinfect the space, and the sealing of your pulp to prevent future issues. After this work is done, we can make sure the tooth remains safe against future threats by placing a custom dental crown.

What Will Happen After I Undergo Root Canal Therapy?

Teeth that undergo root canal therapy will need protection from crowns, not dental fillings, in order to stay safe. Dental crowns provide more protection by fully surrounding the remaining tooth structure. They are able to provide bite support as well, which means you preserve a natural jaw movement. The crowns we place are custom-made, and we will take care to deliver one that has a secure and comfortable fit while also taking care of your bite health and appearance.

Talk To Your Greenwood, IN Dentist About Scheduling A Root Canal

By scheduling a root canal at our practice, you can protect your oral health against a potentially serious threat, and you can put a stop to discomfort felt in your vulnerable tooth. If you would like to find out more, call our Greenwood, IN dental practice at (317) 535-7141.

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