Taking An Oral Sedative Before Dental Work

What keeps people from enjoying the right kind of smile care? For some, unease about treatments can lead to harmful delays in dental visits. These delays make you vulnerable to new threats when you are healthy; when you already have oral health issues, putting off treatment can cause problems to grow more severe. At our Greenwood, IN dentist’s office, our practice offers different forms of support to make visits comfortable for all patients. If you have dental anxiety or need help to relax during a more advanced treatment, we can provide support with an oral sedative. This can help you remain relaxed while still letting you remain awake during your appointment.

Does The Idea Of Dental Work Make You Uneasy?

If the mere suggestion of a dental appointment is enough to make you uneasy, keeping up with your health can be more difficult. Unfortunately, many people struggle with some degree of dental anxiety. The more this problem affects you, the more likely you are to avoid time in the dentist’s chair. When you delay appointments while actively concerned about your smile, you become vulnerable to complications that will ultimately require more involved restorative dental work. To help our patients who struggle with these negative feelings, we do offer help in the form of oral sedation.

An Oral Sedative Can Help You Remain Comfortable Throughout Treatment

Oral sedatives offer a convenient and effective solution for making appointments more comfortable. Whether you have anxiety around all care or just need help for an upcoming restorative dental procedure, we can provide this as an option. The sedative comes in the form of a pill that you can take before your visit. Its effects let you remain conscious and responsive while you stay relaxed throughout care. This can be a less costly solution as well as one that is easier for you to safely enjoy.

We Are Committed To Keeping Your Smile In Great Health

There are many ways in which we can make your future appointments with us more comfortable. One is to provide quality care; simply put, you can feel better booking treatment when you know your smile and dental function will be preserved. We also take care to connect with patients as individuals so that we can find the right ways to serve them over time. Whether you need to come in for routine care or worry about a tooth that is aching or damaged, we can provide a positive experience.

 Your Greenwood, IN Dentist Can Help You Feel Comfortable During Smile Care

A more comfortable experience with smile care can make it easier to book future appointments and stay on top of your oral health. To learn how an oral sedative can help with this, call our Greenwood, IN dental office at (317) 535-7141.

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