Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

We often see patients who are interested in achieving a brighter smile. With professional cosmetic treatments, we can remove these stains and offer a much brighter smile. Our Greenwood, IN dentist’s office provides professional teeth whitening systems, which offer more dramatic and longer-lasting results than traditional over-the-counter selections.

Taking An Oral Sedative Before Dental Work

What keeps people from enjoying the right kind of smile care? For some, unease about treatments can lead to harmful delays in dental visits. These delays make you vulnerable to new threats when you are healthy; when you already have oral health issues, putting off treatment can cause problems to grow more severe. At our… Continue reading Taking An Oral Sedative Before Dental Work

Laser Dentistry Benefits on Many Levels

Humans seem to be natural innovators, and finding new and better ways to care for teeth, oral health and smiles is no exception. One of the most exciting innovations for patients is the use of laser dentistry in Greenwood, IN to make preventive care, restorations and cosmetic dental procedures faster and safer, while producing less… Continue reading Laser Dentistry Benefits on Many Levels

4 Ways to Help Prevent Tooth Decay at Home

Your daily habits have a significant influence on the quality of your oral health. In addition to seeing your dentist bi-annually for a checkup, a healthy diet and oral hygiene routine will help prevent tooth decay. Here are the four best ways to keep your smile healthy. 1. Floss Daily To Prevent Tooth Decay

What Options Can You Explore with Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialized form of dentistry that focuses on correcting misaligned teeth. People with overcrowded teeth or overly large tooth gaps benefit from corrective treatments that realign their teeth. Here are some options you can explore when looking into orthodontics. Early Orthodontics

3 Reasons You Will Feel Comfortable in Our Dental Chair

When you need routine cleanings or other dental services, finding a dentist you trust is essential, especially if you’re apprehensive about the dental chair. Honesty, transparency, and competence are important traits to look for in a dental practice. Here are three reasons why you will feel comfortable in our dental chair at Stacy D. Johnson’s… Continue reading 3 Reasons You Will Feel Comfortable in Our Dental Chair

Why Choosing a Dentist with the Right Dental Technology Matters

As research in the dental field continues, so does the progression of dental technology. Advanced dental technology helps dentists diagnose and treat oral health issues with more speed and proficiency than ever. Here is why choosing a dentist with the right dental technology matters. Get the Most Accurate Diagnosis Up-to-date dental tools such as cone… Continue reading Why Choosing a Dentist with the Right Dental Technology Matters

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