3 Reasons You Will Feel Comfortable in Our Dental Chair

When you need routine cleanings or other dental services, finding a dentist you trust is essential, especially if you’re apprehensive about the dental chair. Honesty, transparency, and competence are important traits to look for in a dental practice.

Here are three reasons why you will feel comfortable in our dental chair at Stacy D. Johnson’s office in Greenwood.

1. We Offer a Range of Oral and Dental Services

People often visit different dentist offices to get oral surgery, orthodontics, or dental services. With our professional team of dentists and hygienists, we offer a comprehensive range of oral health services for children as well as adults of all ages in one convenient location.

General and family dentistry, restoratives, and cosmetics, along with periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery options, are services that we provide.

2. Your Dental Chair Comfort Is Our Priority

At Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry, we prioritize our patients’ comfort. With the latest dental technology and a broad range of oral health services, you can be confident in our dental chair that you are receiving high-quality treatment.

Dental anxiety is common for patients who are worried about undergoing a procedure such as a tooth extraction. We provide oral sedation for those who prefer this option to ease anxiety.

3. We Use the Latest Technology

Stacy D. Johnson Comfortable Dentistry uses cutting-edge technology to provide the quickest, most effective dental care to all our patients.

Cone beam imaging helps create a reconstructed 3D image of a patient’s head and neck area. This precise imaging allows us to accomplish goals, including finding areas of tooth decay, evaluating dental injuries, and planning oral surgeries.

Laser dentistry increases the accuracy and efficiency of multiple oral treatments. Lasers help reduce bleeding that can occur from some procedures and also speeds up healing time. Laser technology can also help harden dental fillings, treat periodontal disease, and remove tooth decay.

Digital X-rays offer a much safer alternative to traditional x-rays as they emit far less radiation. Rather than film, digital X-rays create an immediate digital image that our dentists can evaluate to help diagnose and treat issues, including abscesses, reduced bone density, and fractured fillings.

Final Thoughts

Having a dentist you can trust is the first step to finding comfort in the dental chair. Look for a professional who can be open and honest with you about care and treatment and who will prioritize your comfort and confidence regardless of the procedure you’re having. 

Dentists who continue their education and implement up-to-date dental technology into their practices provide you with the safest and most effective dental and orthodontic treatments available today.

Are you seeking professional orthodontic and dental services in Greenwood? Contact us to explore your options and to set up your next appointment with Dr. Stacy D. Johnson.

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