5 Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Dental Appointment

It is easy to delay an upcoming dental appointment when you are busy. Even if your oral health seems good or you only have minor issues, regular dental checkups are vital to your health.

Has it been a while or longer since you last visited the dentist’s office? Here are five signs you need to schedule a dental appointment today.

1. Tooth Pain

A localized ache in any tooth is a cause for concern, no matter how slight the pain may be. Toothaches generally indicate the presence of decay, which your dentist must address immediately to save the affected tooth.

2. Abscesses

Be sure to inform and discuss with your dentist any recurring or persistent mouth sores or abscesses. Braces, an out-of-place filling, or a broken tooth could irritate your mouth.

Sores and infections can also be signs of oral diseases, making professional treatment imperative to address the issue immediately.

3. Bleeding

If you brush and floss your teeth gently, your gums should not bleed. Bleeding gums during your oral hygiene routine or at any other time is a sure sign that it is time to visit a reputable dentist for treatment.

Bleeding gums accompanied by puffiness or an inflamed appearance are likely a symptom of gingivitis, which, if unaddressed, can lead to gum disease.

4. Tooth Discoloration

It is normal for adults to have a slight yellowish tint to their teeth. However, if you notice a worsening of yellow, brown, or gray discoloration, getting your teeth polished and finding out why they are discolored is a good idea.

Up-to-date cosmetic dentistry provides patients with the option to regain their confidence by providing them with a cleaner, whiter smile.

5. Loose or Shifting Teeth

If you are an adult and you have noticed that your teeth are loose, this problem counts as a dental emergency. As an adult, loose teeth could be a result of gum disease, teeth grinding, or an injury.

While teeth can shift during orthodontic treatments or after tooth loss, a noticeable change in the gaps between your teeth may be a cause for concern.

When You Should Book a Dental Appointment

Minor tooth or gum pain and discomfort is usually a sign of a dental health issue that requires immediate attention. By the time pain becomes disruptive to everyday life, this is a sign that an oral health condition has worsened.

Even if everything feels okay in your mouth, you should schedule a checkup. It’s even more important if it’s been six months or more since your last appointment.

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