A Private Alignment Solution From Vivera®

When you meet new people, do you try to hide your smile due to your misaligned teeth? If you struggle with your appearance as a result of crowded or gapped teeth, talk to a trusted dentist about your options in treatment. For some, the idea of traditional orthodontics can seem a bit too intrusive, so they opt to avoid improving their smile. Stop holding off on your alignment treatment and instead, talk to your provider about clear aligners.

At our dental office in Greenwood, IN, we proudly offer our clients a more private solution in orthodontics with clear aligner treatment from Vivera®. With this method, you have the ability to continue on with your daily activities without showing the world your cosmetic procedure. Instead, let your results do the talking with a more effective form of orthodontic improvement. Simply wear your aligner trays throughout the course of the day, removing them only in certain instances. Your alignment therapy will continue to improve your smile even while you sleep!

Your Alignment Can Affect Both Your Appearance And Your Oral Health

Your smile relies upon balance, and if your teeth are out of alignment, you can experience a variety of difficulties. To start, you might not look your best if your smile quality is held back by the location of your teeth. During your first impressions, your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, so this can affect your ability to make positive new connections. Talk to your dentist about all of the ways that you could enhance your smile, including alignment treatment.

If your teeth are in an improper location along your oral ridge, you could also experience difficulty in maintaining your dental hygiene. In areas where your toothbrush will not fit, you may start to develop an accumulation of plaque and tartar. Come in for a cleaning and examination and see if your alignment concern has been affecting your ability to keep your mouth safe.

Learn About The Advantages Of A Private Alignment Solution From Vivera®

If you are looking for a more discreet method of improving your alignment, talk to your dentist about the possibility of Vivera® clear aligners. These nearly invisible trays help you to shift the location of your teeth without the need for bulky braces. Simply wear your custom trays throughout the course of the day, removing them only to eat and perform your daily maintenance. Talk with your provider about the benefits of clear aligner treatment!

Speak With Our Team About Vivera® Clear Aligner Treatment In Greenwood, IN

When you need a private form of treatment for your misaligned smile, set aside some time to talk about Vivera®. To schedule your appointment or to learn more, call Dr. Stacy Johnson, DDS, MS in Greenwood, IN at (317)535-7141.

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