Frenectomy refers to the removal of a small fold of tissue, known as a frenulum, that prevents an organ such as a tongue or lip from moving sufficiently. Though it can also refer to tissue removal in several other places on the human body, here we will focus on oral-related frenectomy.

Tongue (lingual) frenectomy is performed to treat ankyloglossia. Such patients have a large frenulum that can limit the movement of their tongue thus interfering with speech.

Lip (labial) frenectomy is performed to treat cases where a frenulum is attached too high on the gums causing recession or spaces between teeth.

Symptoms of problems involving a frenulum include:

  • Limited tongue mobility (tongue tied) usually identified early in children due to interference with feeding in infants, or speech in toddlers. Older children may notice they can’t stick their tongue out as far as other children or their frenulum gets stuck between their front teeth.
  • Difficulty properly fitting dentures in adults due to the position of the frenulum.


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