Dental Implants

Dental crown diagram

While dental crowns may not have the luster of the crowns of royalty, they can have a powerful effect on saving your smile. Often when we don’t take proper care of our teeth, they can wear away and lose their strength and shape. There are a number of things that can contribute to tooth decay including skipping regular dental visits, eating hard candy and the obvious: not brushing one’s teeth.

When our teeth wear away, break off, or deteriorate due to cavities, we can place a crown to cover, protect or restore the broken or decayed teeth. Dental crowns can even be used cosmetically to cover up other implants or discolored teeth.

The material that your crown is made of is dependent on many factors, such as severity of tooth decay or location of the tooth in your mouth, but generally, crowns are made up of the following:

  • Porcelain, usually more esthetically pleasing
  • A durable plastic
  • Metal: gold, nickel or chromium

Dental crowns can generally be placed in a couple of visits. And if properly taken care of, they can last for years.

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  • “About the only way someone could be more comfortable would be if you made house calls. You guys are the greatest. I had an emergency and everyone did everything possible to get me in and out twice on the same day. The relationship you have not only with customers but also with the lab is a true blessing. I would like to again say thank you.”

    Julie Baker

    Greenwood, IN

  • I met Kelly a dental hygienist who was wonderful and went above and beyond to make me comfortable… She blew thru her lunch just to attend to my needs…  Dr. Johnson was wonderful and wildly hilarious…

    Denedra J. Indianapolis IN.


  • Kimberly the office manager is excellent at her position. She is caring, helpful and does her job in a timely manner. Stacy the dental assistant has a personality well fitted to her position and is proficient at her job. Dr. Stacy Johnson was a delightful man. His chair-side manner puts you at ease. He personally went out to introduce himself to my husband and give an overview of the visit. The entire staff were friendly and professional. professional. We feel fortunate to have found this dental practice because of the close proximity to our home. Dr.Stacy Johnson and his partner have a very nice mailer introducing themselves that we received the day before I needed and emergency visit. Same day appointment commenced approximately 20 minutes later.

    Anyone seeking a dental practice should not hesitate or look any further. I recommend them very highly. I must admit a dentist visit is something that causes me anxiety. I had a panic attack in the first 15 minutes through no fault of the dental staff. Stacy my dental assistant was so caring and comforting I was able to complete a root canal and 2 crowns. The staff was so very helpful with contacting my family for my transportation home. I was finished in the time frame I was told and able to go to work. The procedure went smoothly and painlessly. Later that evening I was still without any discomfort. Dr Johnson personally gave my a call inquiring about how I was doing. The following day I was able to complete an 8 hr. workday. Thank you for such great care.

    Deb S. Greenwood Indiana


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