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Dental crown diagram

While dental crowns may not have the luster of the crowns of royalty, they can have a powerful effect on saving your smile. Often when we don’t take proper care of our teeth, they can wear away and lose their strength and shape. There are a number of things that can contribute to tooth decay including skipping regular dental visits, eating hard candy and the obvious: not brushing one’s teeth.

When our teeth wear away, break off, or deteriorate due to cavities, we can place a crown to cover, protect or restore the broken or decayed teeth. Dental crowns can even be used cosmetically to cover up other implants or discolored teeth.

The material that your crown is made of is dependent on many factors, such as severity of tooth decay or location of the tooth in your mouth, but generally, crowns are made up of the following:

  • Porcelain, usually more esthetically pleasing
  • A durable plastic
  • Metal: gold, nickel or chromium

Dental crowns can generally be placed in a couple of visits. And if properly taken care of, they can last for years.

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  • At my last visit I was greeted with smiling faces. The dental hygienist made me feel so comfortable in every way. My gums are very sensitive and they made sure to provide me with products to numb my gums and keep me comfortable in their service as well. I love the conversation and the laughter during my visit. I used to dread going to the dentist, now I look forward to going knowing I’ll be going to Dr. Stacey Johnson DDS!

    Traci A.


  • “Kim [office manager] was fantastic. She was great at explaining my financial options and just overall a friendly and kind woman. “

    Kaylee E.


  • The staff was so very friendly, from the first phone call to scheduling my follow-up appointment. I appreciate kind service. Dr. Johnson was very frank and open with what care I needed, he was very kind. 🙂

    Latheda N. Whiteland IN.


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