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Published: April 19, 2017

Four Tips for Keeping Your Dental Implants Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Dental Implants Clean

Oral hygiene is one of the biggest key components to keeping your dental implant healthy and functioning for a lifetime. Even though the implant itself is not susceptible to cavities, it is still susceptible to gum disease and bone loss which could jeopardize the health of the implant. Today we’re going to share some helpful tips on how to keep those implants clean!

  • Brushing: Patients should be brushing their teeth twice a day to help remove plaque and food debris from their teeth. Dental implants need to be brushed, just like the rest of your teeth. We recommend using a mechanical tooth brush because our hand movement cannot replicate the reciprocating movement created by a mechanical brush. This movement is effective at agitating plaque and removing it from teeth and implants.
  • Flossing: Patients should be flossing between the implant just like they do between their natural teeth. Flossing is essential to keep plaque from building up under the implant crown where the abutment attaches to the actual implant that is in the bone. We also encourage the use of a water flosser and proxy brushes. Whatever it takes to get food debris and plaque out from around the implant and the rest of your natural teeth to prevent gum disease and bone loss.
  • Regular Dental Check-ups: It is important to have Dr. Johnson or Dr. Long evaluate your implant(s). It is important that we take radiographs and check your bite regularly to ensure that there is no bone loss and the implant is not being overloaded.
  • Regular Dental Cleanings: We just spent a bunch of time telling you to brush and floss around your implant and natural teeth, but we also encourage all of our patients to maintain their recommended cleaning schedule. It is important to have our awesome hygienists clean around the implant and get out the plaque using their instruments that you might have a hard time removing at home. If it’s been awhile, be sure to give us a call at 317-535-7141 to get a cleaning and check up with Dr. Johnson or Dr. Long.

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